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Drop info, Bosses, Events, Quests and more

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Description of settings and drop of the EvoMU server

  • Creation of Sm/Bk/Elf is immediately possible, and creation of Dl - 250lvl / Mg - 220 lvl
  • Reset: Done at Level 400. Cost 100kk Zen. Stats do not expire after reset.
  • Maximum reset 100
  • Grand reset: Done at 100 reset. Cost 1kkk. After the Grand reset, stats expire and 500 points are given.
  • Skills are reset to zero after grand reset. The character needs to be undressed for grand reset.

Chaos Mix Rates (Sharpening things into a chaos machine)

  • Mix + 10+Luck = 95
  • Mix + 11+Luck = 85
  • Mix + 12+Luck = 75
  • Mix + 13+Luck = 65
  • without Luck -25%

If sharpening is unsuccessful, the item burns

When using Talisam of Chaos Assembly, the item does not burn if enchanting was unsuccessful

  • Dinorant = 70
  • DarkHorse = 80
  • DarkRaven = 80
  • JewelOfHarmonyRate = 80
  • PieceOfHorn = 100%
  • BrokenHorn = 100%
  • HornOfFenrir = 100%

Drop Info, Bosses, Events and Other EvoMU

Drop event:

  • jewel of bless,soul,chaos,Life,Box of Kundun+1-5,Panda, Panda ring.


Chaos Castle Victory

  • Prize: Jewels, Ancient items


Devil Square Victory

  • Prize: Jewels


Blood Castle Victory

  • Prize: Jewel of Chaos + 10 WCoin


Castle mix

  • reward: things+3 Exl options. Knight Blade/Dark Reign Blade/Great Lord Scepter/Arrow Viper Bow/Platina Staff/Great Dragon/Dark Soul/Hurricane/Red Sprit/Dark Master.

Box of Luck:

  • Rena

Box of Kundun+1:

  • Short Sword/Rapier/Katana/Sword of Assassin/Gladius/Blade/Falchion/Serpent Sword/Small Axe/Hand Axe/Double Axe/Tomahawk/Elven Axe/Mace/Morning Star/Flail/Short Bow/Bow/Elven Bow/Skull Staff/Angelic Staff/Serpent Staff/Small Shield/Horn Shield/Kite Shield/Elven Shield/Buckler/Leather/Bronze/Pad/Vine/Silk/Ring of Ice/Ring of Poison/Ring of Fire/Ring of Earth/Ring of Wind/Ring of Magic/Talisman of Chaos Assembly

Box of Kundun+2:

  • Sword of Salamander/Light Saber/Legendary Sword/Heliacal Sword/Double Blade/Battle Axe/Nikea Axe/Great Hammer/Giant Trident/Berdysh/Serpent Spear/Battle Bow/Tiger Bow/Thunder Staff/Gorgon Staff/Dragon Slayer Shield/Skull Shield/Spiked Shield/Plate Shield/Large Round Shield/Bone/Scale/Wind/Pendant of Lighting/Pendant of Fire/Pendant of Ice/Pendant of Wind/Pendant of Water/Pendant of Ability/Talisman of Chaos Assembly


Box of Kundun+3:

  • Lighting Sword/Giant Sword/Sword of Destruction/Larkan Axe/Crescent Axe/Crystal Morning Star/Crystal Sword/Great Scepter/Master Scepter/Great Scythe/Bill of Balrog/Silver Bow/Aquagold Crossbow/Legendary Staff/Staff of Resurrection/Bronze Shield/Dragon/Legendary/SphinxBrass/Plate/Spirit /Guardian/Storm Crow/Light Plate/Adamantine/Talisman of Chaos Assembly

Box of Kundun +4:

  • Dark Breaker//Thunder Blade/Sword Dancer/Rune Blade/Lord Scepter/Dragon Spear/Saint Crossbow/Celestial Bow/Albatross Bow/Staff of Destruction/Dragon Soul Staff/Legendary Shield/Black Dragon/Dark Phoenix/Grand Soul/Divine/ Thunder Hawk/Dark Steel/Dark Steel/Talisman of Chaos Assembly

Box of Kundun+5:

  • Platina Staff/Knight Blade/Dark Reign Blade/Daybreak/Great Lord Scepter/Elemental Mace/Great Reign Crossbow/Arrow Viper Bow/Staff of Kundun/Dragon Shield/Grand Soul Shield/Elemental Shield/Great Dragon/Dark Soul/Hurricane/Red Sprit/Dark Master/Talisman of Chaos Assembly

Rabbits: Location Lorencia.

  • RespawnTime 12h
  • Lunar Rabbit (Count - 30) - Jewel of Chaos/Jewel of Bless/Jewel of Soul/Jewel of Life/Jewel of Creation/Jewel of Harmony


  • Respawn time: 4h
  • Golden Budge Dragon(Lorencia): Box of Luck
  • Golden Goblin(Noria): Box of Kundun +1
  • Golden Titan (Devias): Box of Kundun +2
  • Golden Solder(Devias): Box of Kundun +1
  • Golden Dragon(Lorencia/Devias/Noria): Box of Kundun +3
  • Golden Lizard king (Atlans): Box of Kundun +4
  • Golden Vepar(Atlans): Box of Kundun +2
  • Golden Tantallos (Tarkan): Box of Kundun +5
  • Golden Whell (Tarkan): Box of Kundun +3


GoldenArcher - 10 Rena Count

  • Prize: Box Of Heaven
  • Drop Box of Heaven: Excellent+7-11--Divine Sword of Archangel,Divine Scepter of Archangel,Divine Crossbow of Archangel,Divine Staff of Archangel.


Heart of Love

  • Jewel of Chaos/Jewel of Bless/Jewel of Soul/Jewel of Life/Jewel of Creation/Imp/Guardian Angel


Silver Medal

  • +7-9 Pad/Bronze/Vine/Jewel Of Soul/Guardian Angel/Imp/Jewel Of Soul/Jewel Of Bless/Unikorn

Gold Medal

  • +7-9 Dragon/Legendary/Spirit/Storm Crow/Adamantine/Jewel Of Soul/Guardian Angel/Imp/Jewel Of Soul/Jewel Of Bless/Unikorn


Red Dragon Invasion: Location: Lorencia/Noria.

  • Jewel of Guardian/Jewel of Harmony/Talisman of Chaos Assembly/Talisman of Luck

Maya Hand

  • Location: Kanturu Event every 24h
  • Drop: Jewels (Bless,soul,life)


  • Location: Kanturu Event every 24h
  • Drop: 4 items +0-6
  • Ashcrow/Eclipse/Iris/Valiant/Glorious


  • Location: Kalima 7
  • Respawn Time: 24h
  • Drop 4 items: Ancient items


  • Location: Land of Trials
  • Respawn Time: 24h
  • Bundled Jewel of Bless/Bundled Jewel of Soul/Bundled Jewel of Life/Bundled Jewel of Creation/Bundled Jewel of Guardian/Bundled Jewel of Harmony/Bundled Jewel of Chaos

Dark Elf

  • Location: Crywolf Event
  • Ancient item


  • Location: Crywolf Event
  • Drop 4 item: Bone Blade/Explosion Blade/Soleil Sceptor/Sylph Wind Bow/Grand Viper Staff/Dragon Knight/Vemon Mist/Volcano/Sunlight/Sylphid Ray

Condor Flame: drop in Crywolf

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