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Brief description of the Server

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Dear players, beginners and just connoisseurs of the legendary MuOnline game!
We invite everyone to the project EvoMU.ru
A new look at the world of MuOnline, a creative approach and exclusive new products only from us!
A huge amount of work has been done on the project and a lot of effort, time and money have been spent on improving and improving it, and work on improvements and updates of the project is constantly continuing!
The server deserves your attention!
Come and enjoy the game, and we will take care of a comfortable and interesting pastime on our project!

Server Features:

  • Version: Season 3 Classic - Fully Classic Season 3
  • Experience (exp): 500%
  • Maximum points:32767
  • Reset in the game
  • Reset : 400 lvl = Stats do not burn after reset
  • Scatter stats : /ene /agi /str /vit /cmd
  • Grand Reset:100 resets = 500 points + 3000 WCoin
  • Gaming innovations and events:
  • Account protection
  • Personal store & OffTrade system – improved trading system - with the choice of the desired currency
  • (Zen, WCoin, Soul, Bless, Life, Chaos) both Online and Offline)
  • Trading through Trade with both ordinary items and Zen, WCoin
  • Game menu (hotkey "U")
  • Forge items for WCoin with a maximum of 3 options
  • OffAfk & OffExp system - leveling characters Offline with new features ( with the choice of the right skill and even with the choice of selection )
  • Cliker LostMU Helper is an advanced clicker that helps you upgrade your character online
  • Reconnect system (reconnect to the server if the Internet connection is lost or for other reasons)
  • Jewels Bank – A place to store stones and zen in unlimited quantities
  • Customized All Pets and Fenrirs
  • Interestingly Tuned Castle Siege / Activated Magic Castle Siege
  • Fully customized reward and drop from all events and bosses

Come fight, prove that you are the best, enjoy the game!
We work for you and tried to make sure that the project did not leave anyone indifferent!
We wish you all a pleasant game!
Why us?
Responsive administration, we listen to the opinions of the players.
At the moment, one of the most unique and interesting servers.
A unique game world. In which you will not have to get bored.
High stability, protection against hacks, DDOS and cheats.
Constant innovations in the game and on the site
An experienced development team...

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