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Server launch is scheduled after the OPEN BETA TEST!

Bonus to transitioning guilds of 5 people in the form of premium !

Server Features:

Version: Season 3 Remake - Completely redesigned and improved season 3
Experience (exp): 5000% 
Maximum points:32500
Reset in game 
Reset : 400 lvl = 500/550/600/650 Points + WCoin
Spread stats : /ene /agi /str /vit /cmd
Grand Reset : 150 resets = Points + WCoin +1000HP
Game innovations and events:
Account Protection 
New personal store & OffTrade systems - improved trading system - with the choice of the desired currency
(Zen, WCoin, Soul, Bless, Life, Chaos) both Online and Offline)
New OffAfk & OffExp system - pumping characters in Offline with new features (with the choice of the necessary skil and even with the choice of selection).
Cliker LostMU Helper - improved clicker to help you in pumping your character in Online mode.
Reconnect System (reconnect to the server in case of lost internet connection or other reasons)
Game menu LostMenu with additional features
New Customs ( a large number of various new castumes for the variety of the game and to increase the capabilities of your characters )
Jewels Bank - A place to store gems and zen in unlimited quantities.
New Jewels - Jewel of Evalution,Jewel of Exelent,Jewel of Ancient,Jewel of Luck,Jewel Of Level,Jewel Of Mistic,Jewel Of Skill,Jewel Of Option, , Jewel Of WingsNew Items - Anc Sets, Exe Sets, Weapons, Shields and other (Lots of brand new items - sets, weapons and shields, as well as tweaked and remodeled items and sets).
Quest System 
Premium System with the ability to mine in-game
The ability to change the class of your character in-game
Interestingly customized Castle Siege 
Fully customized rewards and drops from all events and bosses
Varied large number of quests and events (both well-known and interesting new ones).
More detailed information and description of all features and events can be found in separate topics
Come fight, prove that you are the best, enjoy the game!
We are working for you and tried to do so that the project did not leave anyone indifferent!

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